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Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Away!  We Are Here to Help!

What are the hours of operation?

Monday through Friday 4:30 am to 11:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Do I need to wear a mask?

Masks are optional for our staff, instructors and members.   We support an individual's decision to wear or not wear a mask in the facility.  If you choose to wear a mask while working out, please do so cautiously at your own risk.  Click here to see our COVID safety measures.

Do you have child care?

We have an UNSUPERVISED child watch room for well-behaved children ages 6 and up only.  Members must sign a waiver stating their understanding that their child(ren) will be unsupervised and are the responsibility of the parent/member at all times while visiting the facility.  Members may NOT leave the facility while child(ren) is/are inside the facility.

Do you have lockers and/or showers?

There are men's and women's restrooms located in the front lobby.  There are men's and women's facilities located in the main gym equipped with lockers to store belongings, multiple showers and a changing area.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer a 10% discount for each additional family member under the same account.

What should I wear or bring to the gym?

Wear comfortable athletic clothes and appropriate closed-toe athletic shoes.  We have small hand towels for use in the gym, but please feel free to bring your own and/or bring your own for the shower. Bring a metal or plastic water bottle.  We have a water dispenser for you to refill at your convenience. NO GLASS PLEASE! Again, lockers are available to store belongings while at the gym only, and cubbies are located throughout for keys, phones and smaller items. NEVER LEAVE VALUABLES IN YOUR VEHICHLE.

Do you sell drinks/snacks?

We have a small selection of bottled water, sports/energy drinks, and energy bars available for purchase at the front desk.  

Should I disclose any medical issues?

Always seek medical advice or consult your physician before starting a fitness program or if you have sustained or are recovering from an injury or procedure.  We respect your right to privacy regarding any and all medical conditions.  You may disclose a medical condition or injury to staff or an instructor so that they may offer up a modification, but understand they are not medically trained professionals and will suggest you seek the advice of your physician.

What is Mindbody?

Mindbody is a software service company that provides cloud-based online scheduling and business management for the fitness industry.  You will be asked to sign in on the tablet at the front desk for either a workout session in the gym or for a particular class.  To ensure your spot in a particular class, you may sign in ahead of time by using the Mindbody App on your phone, tablet or computer desktop.  Download the Mindbody App here.

How do I sign up for a class?

There are three ways to sign up for a class.  You may sign up upon arrival on the tablet at the front desk. You may ask the front desk attendant to sign you up for an upcoming class.  You may sign up for a class using the Mindbody platform..

What is your cancellation policy?

Members may terminate their membership if they no longer reside within a 30-mile radius of the facility. The member must provide proof of new residency. If the member has a PIF membership, 50% of the remaining balance shall be returned to them.  If they are on a monthly contract, 50% of the remaining balance will be owed to Family Time Fitness, LLC.

How can I freeze my membership?

Members may freeze their account one time under a contract. The account may be frozen for up to one month.  If the freeze is due to an injury where medical attention and recovery time is needed, the account may be frozen up to four months or as per the advice of a medical physician.

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